This site is comprised of nine poorly utilised garages constructed from concrete; they are an example of “poor quality development” within the London borough of Barking and Dagenham. 
We proposed to build three well designed contemporary homes which will not impact any buildings of Historical importance. The proposed homes will mirror the footprint of the existing garages and also include private balcony spaces for each. The proposal allows for private bike storage for each home. The homes will be located over 21m away from the back of each surrounding house in order to prevent overlooking. 
Our proposal for the unused land will create three high quality mews style homes in place of 9 underutilised garages. 
This design is still in its very early stages as it is, however our environmental impact assessment expects it to already be classified as a group of "well designed and built" homes, equivalent of code level 3. Doing this assessment early on allowed us to see areas for improvement and with the potential upgrades found we expect the development to reach a much higher rating once all construction is complete.
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