Location: Sussex
Work: Environmentally friendly new build home
Completion date: 2016
Construction Cost: £500,000 - £750,000
 We have designed a highly efficient replacement home that seeks to reduce its impact on the environment and provide a warm comfortable living space, suitable for modern living.
The layout has been carefully considered to enhance all views of the house. It has been designed with close consultation and pre application advice from the planning department, and is intentionally less domestic and more rural in appearance from the outside.
The home is designed to be highly efficient and economical to run, with underfloor heating, a highly efficient boiler, triple glazing and high levels of insulation to provide a warm comfortable home.
We performed an environmental impact assessment of this home using a method similar to that detailed in the Home Quality Mark One. After our thoughtful design regarding all aspects of this home and its occupants we expect this home to achieve a "Very Good" rating across a range of financial, wellbeing, environmental and social issues.
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