Location: Ealing green conservation area 
Work: Planning proposal for unused land 
Project: Two bedroom bungalow
Completion date: In progress 
This site is located in the Ealing green conservation area, the garages are not listed or locally listed buildings. The character appraisal of the area notes that much of the concerned sub area has been “spoiled in parts by later poor quality developments”. The site consists of nine poorly utilised concrete garages. Our application proposes to create a high quality dwelling which will replace otherwise unused land, it will consist of a two bedroom bungalow with a large internal courtyard, and no glazing facing the eastern garages. We propose to demolish the existing nine garages and construct a contemporary dwelling suitable for three people, which mirrors the footprint of the existing structure. The proposed structure will be constructed from brick, which ties the dwelling to its surroundings while not trying to mimic Victorian or Edwardian architecture. The courtyard provides amenity space and an interesting circulation to the dwelling; the two glazed walls flood the kitchen, living room, and hallway with natural light.
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