This project is currently in its early stages of design and planning. Currently the site consists of a few underused garages which don't make good use of the space they occupy. 
We plan on reclaiming this space to make two 2-bed homes. We are looking to make well built contemporary homes in an ideal location which is in high demand. 
Our thoughtful design takes into consideration the needs and wellbeing of people who will eventually live there, and as such we are aiming to provide considerably more space for them than is required by the London space standards in the form living space, private terraces, and large open areas of garden accessible by both homes. 
We have carried out a design stage environmental impact assessment following a method similar to that of the Home Quality Mark One. By doing this during the design process we identify areas where our design can be enriched, by the time construction is complete we expect the houses to achieve a "very good" or potentially "excellent" rating.
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