Location: Worcester Park 
Work: Extension, Alteration, Locally Listed Building. 
Project: Three Bedroom House 
Completion Date: Work In Progress 
Construction Cost: £300,000 
Our proposal seeks to alter and extend a Victorian grade II listed former gate house into a three bedroom house. Throughout the years the gate house had unsympathetic extensions. It was in a poor state. We are working to bring the gate house back to life. Together with a modern extension that follows a similar pitched roof silhouette, set back from the street. We believe giving a locally listed building a new start. 
During the design stage we have carried out an environmental impact assessment using a similar method to the Home Quality Mark One. Currently we expect this home to reach a very good rating across a range of financial, wellbeing, environmental and social issues. As design progresses on this project we expect it to achieve more points and potentially achieve an "excellent" rating similar to that of a code level 6 home.
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